Day 55 Party at The 55 Yard Line was a Huge Success

If you haven’t been to the 55 Yard Line Bar & Grill in San Marcos on Day 55 of each year, which falls on Feb 24th every year, then you have been missing out on a lot of fun! The 55 Yard Line Bar & Grill knows how to throw a party. Below is a shot of some friends having a great time. Jim, the owner puts out a bunch of food and drink specials for everyone to enjoy.

Day55Party1Here are a few friends of mine enjoying the party. Tamara and Fred are two regulars that really enjoy hanging out a great local restaurant and bar and I heard Fred was one of the first people in line to get in. So glad you guys had a chance to enjoy the celebration. It’s a great day to give back to the people who visit The 55 Yard Line on a regular basis. With plenty of local craft beer to choose from and a menu that is second to none, the 55 Yard Line Bar & Grill in San Marcos has it all. Great Food, Great Craft Beer Selection, a Full bar and a great, fun atmosphere.

The next time you are looking for a great local spot in San Marcos, be sure to stop by the 55 Yard line bar and grill in Restaurant Row in San Marcos, Ca. You’ll be glad you did.