Local Craft Beers on Tap

Local Craft Beers on Tap at the 55 Yard Line Bar & Grill in San Marcos Ca.

Out with the old sign….










and in with the new…









If you like local craft beer and get turned off by a company that just doesn’t get it, then you are going to love The 55 Yard Line Bar & Grill.

Check out their Local Craft Beer Selection on their new menu:
Racer 5, Pizza Port Chronic, Lagunitas IPA, Lattitude 33 Honey Hips, Lattitude 33 Blood Orange, Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Stout, Green Flash West Coast IPA, Mission Hef, 805, Shock Top, Stone IPA, Mother Earth Cali Cream & Sculpin….

Like I said…. They get it….

Come on down and try the burgers…. They are the best in town with the best seasoned fries that can’t be matched anywhere….

The 55 Yard Line is a great place for great food and drinks!