Watch the NBA Basketball Playoffs

Watch the NBA Basketball Playoffs at the 55 Yard Line Bar & Grill and you will be very happy with your decision to join the rest of the cool people that hang out in San Marcos! The 55 Yard Line Bar & Grill is a family owned and operated business by Jim and Lori, who really care about the customer experience. Jim is always there making sure the bar is running on point and the staff has been there so long, they have years of experience working together! A good sign that a company is run well is when the staff stays at the same company for many years and that’s exactly what you get at the 55 Yard Line Bar & Grill.

Most of the time, when I come in, the bartenders already know what my drink is. I switch it up on them once in a while to keep them on their game, but this on of the coolest bars in town for so many reasons! If you like watching the NBA Playoffs, then come for the 24 BIG SCREEN TV’s. If you ¬†want to hang out with the cool people or bring a date to a cool bar, the the 55 Yrd Line is your place. If you want to shoot pool or the Golden Tee, then the 55 Yard Line Bar & Grill is your place. It’s my place…. It’s your place…. It’s our place!


Come hang out and try us for the first time!